We have changed

Change is an opportunity to create new connections, to overcome challenges, to explore different perspectives

Change is a way to look forward, to plan a future in which we can be relied upon.

This is why:

Our brand is being restyled because we take pride in our history, our mission and our values as steelmakers. We are committed to satisfy our customers all over the world and to build a better future, together.

Our changes show what we do: staying ahead of the curve.

A new mission

Our mission is to help each of our partners to be at the cutting edge in the steel sector.

We need to be leading competitors not just for the sake of it, but for us to be relied upon by our partners, thus building a better future together.

Our success is achieved by being committed to innovation: each of our workers is trained accordingly, because every single project is based on people.

We help you to break ground in the steel sector. Steel ahead.